Scio at the Medical District: Redefining Community Inside and Out

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Whether you’re taking a stroll on the Blue or Pink Line or hanging out with friends on Taylor street, there’s no questioning the intellectual community that calls the Illinois Medical District in Chicago home.

That word, community, means something to the area, nestled near both UIC and downtown. And it means something to Scio at the Medical District, where we go above and beyond to build upon the area’s inherent sense of community.

It’s one thing to offer more than what most people would think of when they picture a luxury apartment. It’s something else entirely to provide so many amenities that exceed expectations.

Welcome to Scio Where We Live Smarter

The studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments at Scio boast impressive finishes with plenty of room to make yourself at home. But the experience expands well beyond the breath-taking units. What makes it so?


Stepping inside the lobby from the bustling street, visitors are welcomed by a lounge space with a fireplace, TVs, pool and ping pong tables, and plenty of space to study, read or catch up with friends over a cup of coffee.

There is an open work space with study cubes and conferencing space for when it’s time to work, and a beautifully landscaped backyard and resort-style pool and deck when it’s time to play.

Outdoor kitchens and dining space and firepits also adorn the space outside, an oasis from everything beyond Scio walls.

At Scio, we know we are in the heart of a hard-working, intelligent hub. But we also know – and embrace – the value that community offers.

Building on the firm foundation laid in place by the area itself, Scio offers its residents more than a place called home. It offers them a community.

For more information, or to schedule a showing, call (312) 427-1855  or visit us online.

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