Scio at the Medical District: Redefining Convenience

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Starbucks delivery? Check. Diapers for the newborn? Check. Almost anything you need at the click of a button? Check.

From UberEats to Amazon Prime, there isn’t much you can’t get your hands on these days. And fast. What that means for society is pretty indicative of where technology is taking us.

Spoiler alert: convenience is trending.

And, with each arrival of that beautiful brown box with the smiley face at our doorstep, we are all along for the ride.

What that means for most of us isn’t rocket science. Convenience is no longer a luxury – it’s a way of life.

So when it comes to identifying how convenient a place to live is, here are some things to consider:

Proximity to local restaurants and shops

Luxury living is about turning tasks into privileges. It’s about making a to-do list you actually want to fulfill. That includes enjoying premier shopping just around the corner.

To offer all the comforts of convenience, variety is key, with plenty of choices that include everything from an ideal date night spot to a perfect family-friendly night out.

Located near the Illinois Medical District, Scio offers proximity to UIC, the culture of Taylor Street, and the convenience of access to downtown.

Engagement with the community

From the multitude of Mediterranean eateries to the mom-and-pop delis and joints that have been around for years, there’s something for everyone in University Village.

Also known as Little Italy, the area encompasses UIC, but also includes historic churches, museums, ethnic grocery stores and the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame.

From sports bars to lounges, there are plenty of walkable options for dining and cocktails along Taylor and Halstad Streets, and plenty of locally owned and operated shops and boutiques to browse.

Little luxuries right at home

If a quick dip in the pool while sipping on some wine and snacking on some cheese doesn’t strike your fancy, perhaps the comforts beautifully designed, spacious, studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments does.

Add to that a state-of-the-art fitness center with plenty of room to enjoy almost any kind of customized workout and a comfy lounge and study area to gather with friends and family, or relax with the latest bestseller, and you’ve found your new home.

You don’t even need Starbucks delivered, because there are special machines to do that job for you.

Because at Scio, we live smarter.

Proximity to restaurants and shops? Check. Engagement with the community? Check. Little luxuries right at home? Check.

Look no further for your comfortable and convenient new home.

For more information, or to schedule a showing, call (312) 427-1855  or visit us online.

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