Four Fun Ways to Freshen Up Your Space in 2018

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When it comes to the impact fashion has on our lives, Donatella Versace may have said it best. "Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream," says well-known Italian fashion designer. And while some of that may start on the runway, so much more of it happens in our daily lives.

Fashion is everywhere in one way or another, so this year why not embrace it while making some subtle, yet trendy updates to your home?

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Bold is the new pastel

Rather, bold and pastel are being paired together more than ever before. Recent years have called for pastels in various forms on bedding, towels, and just about any home textile out there. This is not to say that the calming pastels we've all come to know and love is going away for good. As seen in a recent issue of Vogue, vibrant colors are simply offsetting some of the softer shades that have been dominating the scene of late.

Think outside the box

A recent post by Apartment Therapy suggests some innovative, creative ways to freshen up most rooms of your home without breaking the bank. From hanging art in unconventional places and making a showpiece out of the corner of any room to crafting (and subsequently displaying) something cheeky, there's lots you can do to change it up.

Get organized

Getting organized has a way of empowering you in the moment, but over time as well. Start small, maybe by going through your closet, cabinets or pantry. And clear the clutter! Be practical about it as well. Don't make major changes that you can't maintain over time. 

Grow up a little

Sometimes it pays to grow up a little bit. While it may have been considered fashionable to posters hanging in your space in college, now is the time to upgrade. Hang some art or favorite photos. Replace the random dishes with an inexpensive set that matches. Invest in a nice set of towels in a fun color. Being a grown-up can be fun, too.

At least that's our perspective, at Scio at the Medical District. We seek to live smarter, but that doesn't mean we don't also dream of all the little details.

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