A Fresh Start in 2018: Scio at the Medical District

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It sounds so easy. It’s one of those things you hear someone say, smile and nod and think sure, I can handle that.

The first step.

It’s the hardest to start something new, especially when it comes to fitness. Yet the most challenging thing is often the most rewarding. Webster’s dictionary defines begin as “to start, perform, or undergo the first part” of something.

At Scio, we are all about fresh starts. We believe in new beginnings.

That is among the reasons why, as a part of our mission to live smarter, we are undergoing an incredible renovation of our apartment homes.

That is why we plan to open a new amenity center in 2018 that features plenty of space to get cozy, study, or work on that big proposal you need to finish up for a client. The new pool will offer residents a spa-like escape from the busy city life right outside the courtyard.

The new fitness center will feature state-of-the-art fitness equipment, after we donate our existing equipment to a local organization in need.

2018 is about taking the first step to living smarter at Scio at the Medical District.

For more information, or to schedule a showing, call (312) 427-1855 or visit us online.

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