Finding Inspiration in Eco Chic Design Ideas

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It can save you money. It helps save the environment. Sure, it is true that making more eco-friendly decisions can do both of these things, but going green can also instill a sense of individuality and character in your home.

There is no need to ever compromise a chic sense of style for more environmentally friendly design options. Instead, let the environment become your inspiration using a few of these eco-friendly design ideas:

Repurpose older things. Add a sense of character and class to any space in your home by utilizing classic, well-loved furniture pieces. Breathe new life into quality wood pieces with a refinishing job, repurpose vintage finds and make use of fun lighting or art pieces you found at the flea market.   

Let there be light. Cut electricity costs by using natural light for all its worth in your home. Find ways to make the most of the natural light in your home, by making sure there is lots of natural light shining into the spaces you use most, like living and dining rooms.

Think feng shui. Furniture placement plays an important role in a feng shui home, but there is something to be said for the effect positive energy can have on your environment as well. Consider designing rooms with lots of open space to reflect the open mind you keep open for dreams of the future.

Add a little color. Let yourself be inspired by flowers and all things green at the local farmer’s market. Filling your home with greenery adds freshness to any room, but also helps reduce carbon dioxide and other toxins from the air.

Recycle materials. Finding creative ways to recycle materials like wood and fabrics doesn’t have to be complicated. Try integrating things like reclaimed wood and recycling fabrics that can be reused for another purpose in the home. For new pieces, shop at eco-friendly stores that seek to reuse and recycle materials, such as Pottery Barn.

Embrace nature. This may not be possible for everyone, but it’s something to keep in mind especially if you are building your home. Minimize your carbon footprint by not tearing down trees in the building process, but instead finding ways to make them part of the landscaping plan. Not only will the trees add curb appeal, but there will be cost savings from the shade they afford in the warm summer months as well.


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