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As the seasons change to autumn and we watch the leaves start to fall, one thing is for sure, fall fashion will be popping in Chicago. Chicago Fashion week is October 6 through 12 and we are here for it!

You will be seeing a much more relaxed approach to fashion week as the prim and proper ways of the past are becoming less and less. Fall fashion can be found everywhere now, you might even be able to shop your closet to put together a few new looks.

Work Wear

Finding comfortable work wear can be an issue. This year suits and suit coats are all the rage. Oversized blazers can be paired with a belt around the waist for a more fitted sleek look or worn open for a casual look. 

Men’s suits are becoming statement pieces also. Many flashy designs are around now and paired with a sleek tie this is the perfect business look. Dress it down with a casual v-neck shirt underneath the suit coat rather than a button up and tie. 

The suits can be modernized with shoes. Mules, heels, boat shoes, sneakers or even flip flops can be paired with this look. Throw on some heels for work and then pack the sneakers for your after work attire. 

Chunky button up sweaters are so easy to throw over a cute tank too and also a super comfortable look. Take your summer tanks and transition them to fall with a sweater over the top.  Men are taking advantage of the sweater craze too and adding them over their button up shirts replacing their suit coats.

Fabric, Patterns & Colors

Large floral prints are in already this fall. Bright, big flowers have replaced the small pastel flowers of the summer. 

Bold colors can’t be missed either. Purple, rust, gold, yellow, hunter green and burgundy are popping up all over the place for both men and women. Keep your eye out for some white styled this fall too, it’s not just for summer anymore. 

You can transition your summer look into fall by replacing your jean skirts with a leather skirt or leather dress, even add in your leather shorts with a long sleeve top for a fall look.

Casual is Coming Back

Sweats are back too. Weather you are looking for the full sweats look with matching pant and top as your outfit, or just a warm and comfortable sweatshirt, it is all in. Dressing up a sweatshirt is all the rage too. Pair your sweatshirt with a cute leather skirt and some heels, a baseball hat some skinny jeans and flats and you are set for the day. 

Here at Scio, being in the heart of Chicago’s medical district, we like you to have the feel of luxury living with the same comfort you can find in a warm, fuzzy sweatshirt. 

For more information, or to schedule a tour, call (312) 427-1855 or visit us online.

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